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🍎 Meetup: iOS Track at TDC 2020

Good morning everyone, the iOS track at The Developers Conference is now live.

There were many submissions in the final stretch, which made our coordination work difficult. (with Laura Corssac, Luciano Sclovsky, and myself)

▪️Remember that the iOS track is inside the paid packages at TDC. (Read until the end)

This is the link to the track, but I'll also put it here for you.


📢 🔸 🔹About the iOS track🔹🔸

- Mobile tests for iOS beyond the conventional | Nàtali Cabral

- Monorepo and microfeatures: what not everyone tells you... | Yasmin Benatti

- The new old widget of iOS 14 | Victoria Andressa Faria

- Memory management in iOS and Leak discoveries | Renata Faria Gomes

- Accessibility: from design to development | Milena Pauli and Maria Eduarda Casanova Nascimento

- SwiftUI in the real world | Txai Wieser

- How to test my Swift and my UI | Paulo Henrique Dos Santos and Vitor Ferraz Varela

- Roundtable: A sincere conversation about the daily life of an iOS developer | Aline Borges, Victor S. Melo, Wagner Assis and Guests.


🚨📢 Stay tuned here, next week I'll post a cool option at TDC for both iOS and Android devs, for free.

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