Ezequiel Santos
iOS Developer & Creative Technologist

🥈 Second Place at Startup Weekend Maker UNIFEI

We got the second place at the first "Maker" version of Startup Weekend UNIFEI, held in Itajuba, Brazil. This was an outstanding initiative from the Centro de Empreendedorismo da Unifei, led by Prof. Fabio Roberto Fowler.

Over the weekend, we had to create a functional hardware prototype, something that had never been done before in South America. It was a challenging but amazing experience, and I'm so proud of my team's hard work and collaboration.

The CEU structure, the Minas Gerais reception, and the environment were fantastic, making it easy for us to concentrate and focus on our project. It was a pleasure to be part of this outstanding initiative, and I encourage anyone interested in hardware, software, or entrepreneurship to participate in similar events.

I want to thank Prof. Fowler, his group of volunteers (organizers and mentors), and all the collaborators for making this event possible and for providing such a wonderful opportunity for me to learn and grow as an entrepreneur.