Ezequiel Santos
iOS Developer & Creative Technologist

🎙️ Interview @ Coffee n' Jam 2024 (IST)

Coffee n' Jam 2024

This Saturday (04/05/2024), I had the chance to participate and be interviewed at Coffee n' Jam 2024, an event organized by the group GameDev Técnico at IST (Instituto Superior Técnico).

The format of the event includes a series of interviews with individuals and playing the games created by them. At the end, winners are elected in different categories as well as an overall winner.

The overall winner was the game "Scraps vs Zombies". It was an impressive creation using an open-source engine developed at IST named Cubos.

Ezequiel IST

The full video can be found here. My participation starts at here.

Thanks for the opportunity and congratulations to everyone. You can try all the games here.