Ezequiel Santos
iOS Developer & Creative Technologist

🇳🇱 Attended AppDevConf 2023 in Amsterdam


I had the pleasure of attending AppDevConf 2023 in Amsterdam, and it was an incredible experience. The conference brought together developers from around the world to share their insights and experiences in app development.

One of the standout talks for me was by Alex Ozu, titled Type Safe Driven Development. In this talk, Alex discussed the importance of leveraging type safety in the development process, and how it can lead to more robust and reliable code. It was a thought-provoking session that offered valuable insights into best practices.

The event took place in Amsterdam, a vibrant city known for its innovative tech scene and picturesque canals. The venue was well-organized, with comfortable seating and excellent audiovisual setup to enhance the conference experience, they use a Theater (Cinema) to the conference.

Throughout the conference, I had the opportunity to attend other informative talks and engage in discussions with fellow developers. The networking opportunities were abundant, and I connected with passionate individuals who shared similar interests in iOS development.

AppDevConf 2023 in Amsterdam was a fantastic event, and I'm grateful for the knowledge and inspiration I gained from it. I look forward to applying what I learned in my own projects and continuing to grow as a developer. I highly recommend attending AppDevConf in the future. It's an event that fosters learning, collaboration, and professional growth.