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Ezequiel França

Sao Paulo, Brazil   @ezefranca ——————- —————————-


2016-2018 (expected)
  Associate Degree, Information System; FIAP (Sao Paulo) Capstone: A system to capture and analyze air quality for smartcities
2013-2015 (unfinished)
  BSc, Computer Science; SENAC (São Paulo)
  Technical Degree, Mechatronics and Robotics; SENAI (São Paulo) Capstone: An RF system to capture and measure temperature integrated with RF communication


iOS Developer, BTG PACTUAL, Sao Paulo, SP - [Nov16 - Present]

iOS Developer and mobile Architect working on development, information architecture and UX of all BTG Pactual apps. (BTG Pactual digital and BTG Pactual Wealth Management and others internal apps)

iOS Developer, BRQ Digital, Sao Paulo, SP - [Nov16 - Aug2017]

iOS Developer and mobile Architect in BTG Pactual Digital app. Built from zero, we are developing an architecture based on MVVM and Protocol Oriented Programming, also using Reactive Components.

iOS Developer, Webmotors, Sao Paulo, SP - [Jul16 - Nov16]

I mainly worked on WebMotors Group (corporate) and eventually in the WebMotors (individual) applications

WebMotors Group (corporate) - WebMotors (individual) -

Implemented the new system of push notification for resellers, refactored from swift 2.2 to Swift 2.3 and 3.0. Organized some components to reuse in both apps.

iOS Developer, MeSeems, Sao Paulo, SP - [Jun15 - Jul16]:

Improved the construction, architecture and UX of MeSeems iOS application. Improved the existing features. Developed new features (Social Forum, Push Notifications). Improved the app rank using ASO in App Store.

iOS Developer, Dieta e Saude, Sao Paulo, SP - [Jan15 - Jun15]:

iOS Developer in the Dieta e Saúde application, (the best and largest in Brazil) helping people to have a better quality of life through nutritional education. Developed a version of the app for the Mexican market. The App Awarded in the Featured as apps of Apple Watch. The App Awarded the bests of 2015 App Store

iOS Developer, Apple Developer Academy, Sao Paulo, SP - [Set13 - Jan15]

Developed apps using Objective-C and various API’s and native frameworks such as Foundation, CoreAnimation, Geolocation and maps (MapKit and CoreLocation) UIDynamics. UIKit.

  • Used frameworks and third libs: Social APIs (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.), communication frameworks with hardware (CoreBluetooth, FSK, iBeacon).

Technical Experience

Mobile Developer (iOS), with experience in mobile marketing and growth techniques including App store optimization, user engagement, user feedback and others. During the product development cycle, I focus on the user experience, in the information architecture that will be available and in the ergonomics and usability of the system. (ISO 9241-210). Enthusiastic about innovation and creation processes that are the reason I love to attend entrepreneurship marathons and hackathons. As a mobile developer since iOS 6.0, I have knowledge of various frameworks, API’s, all Social SDKs a lot of analytics tools (Crashlytics, Localytics, Apple Analytics,, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics), Knowledge in Continuous integration with iOS (Travis CI and Circle CI) and dependencies management (CocoaPods, Carthage and Swift Package Manager).

Programming Languages

  • Swift: and Objective-C:
  • I am enthusiast of NodeJS: and Python
  • Arduino:
  • Basic knowledge of C, C++


  • Human Languages:

    • Portuguese
    • English (understand’s well, read’s well, writes ok, speaks a little)