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My name is Ezequiel (Ezekiel), I'm a Mobile Developer (iOS) with expertise in electronics, embedded systems, robotics, instrumentation, industrial automation, industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT). During the product development cycle I focus on the user experience, in the information architecture that will be available and in the ergonomics and usability of the system. I Worked in a lot of multidisciplinary projects. I am enthusiastic about innovation and creation processes that is the reason I love to attend entrepreneurship marathons and hackathons. I have attended AngelHack SP, Globo Hackathon, Startup Weekend Maker, Masters of Code SP, Campus Party Hackathons and many others.

Apps when I worked

Dieta e saude

Dieta e Saúde

O Dieta e Saúde foi eleito nos melhores apps de 2015 pela Apple Store!


MeSeems é uma nova forma interativa de opinar e participar de pesquisas.

Webmotors (Revendedor)

Aplicativo exclusivo para o Revendedor cadastrado na Webmotors.
BTG Pactual Digital

BTG Digital

BTG Pactual digital

Presentations and Talks (portuguese)

Mobile 360

Mobile das Coisas

Mobile das Coisas
Facebook Chatbots + Arduino

Facebook Chatbots + Arduino

Facebook Chatbots + Arduino
IoT Saúde

Internet das Coisas na Saúde

Internet das Coisas na Saúde.

Open Source Projects

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